POLITICAL: State of the Union address, President George W. Bush, 23 January 2007.

Good News is No News
2000 - 2008: When Rhetoric Ruled the World.
© Jon Dunmore, 21 Apr 2007.

In January 2007, hayseed President of America, George W. Bush, delivered his annual rhetorical bullshit to the half-listening American public. He called it his State of the Union address.

"My aim has been to show, by the example of America, that laws, and especially manners, may allow a democratic people to remain free. But I am very far from thinking that we ought to follow the example of American democracy and copy the means which it has employed to attain this end… and I should regard it as a great misfortune for mankind if liberty were to exist all over the world under the same features."
- Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835.

It was all Good News. As usual. Being rhetoric, euphemism, propaganda and lies, in essence, it means that his Good News was really No News at all.

Despite the fact that I want to kick over the television every time George W. Bush shows his marmoset face and tries to articulate his ass-forward policies in pidgin English, I must admit his 2007 State of the Union address was a surprisingly lucid speech; for Bush, that simply means he stuck to the speechwriter's banal words - no impromptu forays into creatively trying to lever the language to inject profundity, personality or anecdote (for which he has proven time and again he has absolutely nil aptitude). Unfortunately for this C-student, in avoiding tangling his tongue, his messages of misdirection and displacement came across as clearly disinformative as they were intended. And he never did get around to saying anything worth saying. As usual.

The elephant in the room - the Iraq War - was not belched up until well into the second half of the address, and then only as precursor to his appeal for more troops for him to send gratuitously to their grisly deaths. Wielding spin and terror as callously and deftly as only the White House knows how, Bush quoted his bosom buddies, Zarqawi and bin Laden, to grease the wallets of his own al Qaeda ("al Qaeda," after all, means, "the base").

(In our era, the word "propaganda" - itself a euphemism for disinformation, misdirection and outright lies - has come to require a euphemism of its own - "spin.")

Against all the facts promulgated directly to the public via daily news report
s that are no longer fearful to tell the truth about the criminality of the government, against indicting tomes like Frank Rich's The Greatest Story Ever Sold, Bob Woodward's State of Denial or Noam Chomsky's Failed States; against heat-seeking political commentators like Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews (who don't just stop at blood - they want flesh); against the now-accepted fact that the underlying reason for prosecuting the Iraq War was on the basis of a LIE to the American Congress and people, George W. Bush simply lied once more about the "progress" that his intervention in a 5,000-year-old conflict facilitated.

No one should be vilified for having an opinion or stance on anything (that's uh, democracy), but the President himself, in giving us no compelling evidence for the bone-headed decisions he makes contrary to all the advice he receives from others more qualified than him, brings his vilification on himself. With just plain ignorance. And his infantile, girl-child petulance and unwarranted resolve is no substitute for the hard facts that his contra advisors, his detractors, his critics and pockets of his own party present as compelling evidence against his life-destroying decisions of the past four years. (How ironic that Bush, who is staunchly against stem-cell research for the alleged reason that it destroys fetal human lives, cares not a whit about the destruction of ADULT human lives in nonchalantly sacrificing over 3,000 of them unto an overseas war simply to prove that he doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "exit strategy.")

It may be fashionable to refer to John Kerry as a flip-flopper, but it has been the White House that continually flip-flops its reasons as to why America is involved in a futile skirmish overseas - first it was Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda; later subsumed by the War on Terror, Bush actually saying at one point, "I don't care where Osama bin Laden is!"; then we get an earful of Saddam Hussein and Weapons of Mass Destruction (oops! killed that fake reason - gotta find another excuse); then it's oil again; then "For Democracy"; then to stop civil war; then to curb Iran's complicity with Iraq; then to stop jihadists attacking America - hang on! - aren't we back where we started? Where'd we put those old Osama press releases?...

Richard Dawkins has Bush's number when he elucidates in his scathing The God Delusion on Bush "characterizing terrorists as motivated by pure evil. But they are not motivated by evil…. They are motivated, like the Christian murderers of abortion doctors, by what they perceive as righteousness." Terror is nothing more than the RELIGION that America's opponents wish shoved down America's throat. Dawkins goes on to criticize the view (held by Bushies and other jejunes) that "extremists are somehow a perversion of real faith - but how can extremists be regarded as a perversion if "faith," lacking objective justification, doesn't have any demonstrable standards to pervert?"

In adhering so cluelessly to that superstition he calls his "faith," it is as if Bush believes the Real World works that way too. By being indoctrinated to follow his invisible, non-existent "savior" so blindly, in talking down to the American public - as his religious mentors talk down to him even to this day (it ain't easy getting through to a mentally-challenged 60 year-old) - he thinks that the public will accept his Will as unquestioningly as he accepts the Will of his blood-mongering, imaginary deity. And with as much evidence to corroborate that Will's veracity and moral integrity - nil.

Bush wrapped his State of the Union address with displacement of emotions and loyalties, bringing up human interest stories, like the subway guy who saved someone's life (no, not Jared, although this guy had pretty nice pants too), as if highlighting faux-Jared's heroism could expiate his guilt in proving to Islam that he can kill over 3,000 people too - without slamming into skyscrapers.

The White House claims to be "spreading democracy," yet the irony in their public credos is jarring: The President, "I'm the decider"; Vice President, Dick Cheney: "I'm Vice President and they're not." That's mighty democratic of those dictator assholes. Does it occur to these two monarchy meatheads that they themselves have become what they cannot quell in Iraq - insurgents? ("One who acts contrary to the policies and decisions of one's own political party.")

And what bugs me most is not that everyone in the world is now certain that the President's words are sewer shit; it is that all those audience members (those lawyers and businessmen and supposedly intelligent people of the country's most privileged caste) would still stand and clap for those sewer-shit words! And a yet more disturbing element of their trained-monkey applause is that they clap without a shred of conviction - they applaud (or choose not to) NOT because they agree or disagree with the President's dictums on a personal, factual or - spare me! - "moral" basis, but because applauding like monkeys is the most judicious thing to do "politically" at those particular junctures. (And these are the first people who will deny they CAME from monkeys - not that they actually "came from monkeys," but from an "ape-like creature" - but that's another essay.) Then there are the petulant, juvenile applause breaks: partisan sections of the audience standing and cheering their party policies finding weight in the President's oblong head, whether right, wrong, logical or off the grid.

It should bug anyone that we are being led by these drogues. THESE are the best in the land? The brightest and fairest? These trained monkeys worshipping at the altar of sewer shit?

But let's face facts: 90-percent of people subservient to a democratic idiom cannot discern the ultimate truth about democracy anyway: Democracy is Idiot Rule. Because if "democracy" means "rule by majority" and 90-percent of the majority is idiots, well…

In 1835, de Tocqueville highlighted the perils of democracy as practiced by the American people under the Presidency of Andrew Jackson (a President so respected he is on the $20 bill). We can only imagine how fast de Tocqueville is grave-spinning contemplating democracy's perils under George W. Bush, a President more deserving of impeachment than that vagina-spawn of Satan, Richard M. Nixon.

Yet there they are, Majority - your elected idiots, on national television making horse's asses of themselves with no shame, no remorse and even less grace.

Trouble is: one of them is the idiot-elect Leader of the Free World. And many delusional, ignorant people take him seriously - the Great Unwashed, the Salt of the Earth, the Working Class… the Majority.

You know, the idiots.


GEORGE W. BUSH Amerika's Dictator
"We're winning the War on Terror!"

You sure are, Hayseed. In his seven years in office, Bush has spread more terror - in Afghanistan, Iraq and America - than any other dictator in the world.

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