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No Beating Around The Bush.
© Jon Dunmore, 7 Jul 2007.

My Fellow Civilians,

I feel it my duty as a proud United-States-Australian (or something along those Russell Crowe-ish lines) to promulgate this slice of American Pie.

You may choose to click and view the video now – or you can sit through my long-winded and very erudite introduction, as if I’m at a podium high on crack and making you squirm like a dolphin. It seems so much more professional that way…

Congressman Ron Paul Owns The Republican Party
2007 YouTube video: Stop Dreaming.

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell.

My Long-Winded and Very Erudite Introduction:
Many of you have read my waist-deep thoughts on political incognizance and criminality, so rest assured I am not advocating ANY American political party as more sincere or honest than the next bed of vipers. After my article on Michael Moore’s FAHRENHEIT 9-11 touched your nerves (in all the wet places), it might have been assumed I was a Democrat, even though I stated quite clearly that Gore’s ascension to the hallowed House of White would have brought as much discord upon the country – albeit in a different manner – as W. Bush has in his inimitable roller-kinky tube top.

No, in all my years of salad-tossing, I have never been partial to ANY party; this exordium concerns but one man, seemingly far removed from any conventional political stance, which is why he reeks such Optimus Prime…

When Republicans IN power can disregard the Constitution (imperfect though it may be) in full view of the people they supposedly uphold that Constitution for, and when Democrats SEEKING power offer those same people as solution no better rhetoric than the amorphous promises and swinish lies that the current ruling party contemptuously shovel-feed them, it is high time to examine just how failed a state the presumed republic of America really is.

All that being disclaimed from my dolphin mouth, now comes that one man like a Messerschmitt out of the sun: Republican Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul is like those characters in “biting satirical comedies” who have nothing left to lose and so actually DO tell the truth – maybe not through any intrinsic moral calling, but because it’s the only fucken thing left to tell. The lies have been exhausted – as are the people being lied to.

I urge you to Watch This Video (and hopefully leapfrog off it to other Ron Paul media). Accompanied by McLean’s AMERICAN PIE (a song long enough to accommodate the video’s 8-minute running time – my bandmates know this only too well!) Ron Paul does not – in the words of Noam Chomsky – “regurgitate conventional pieties,” so (as Chomsky warns) in saying something the least bit unexpected, he risks losing the public’s short attention span, because he has to explain himself in greater detail than all those who spout “concise” dogmatic familiarities.

(Listen to how his Presidential debate compatriots titter in nervousness when he elucidates his policies, because their first pissant reaction to hearing someone not rifling through a slew of slogans and instead fanning pioneering and original thought is to ignorantly dismiss it as folly - Giuliani, I’m talking to you, fool! And – they’re scared shitless that the quailing public whom they have fought so hard to indoctrinate with fear through their slew of slogans… might… actually… listen…)

Ron Paul has been telling these truths since before they were apparent to the public, who are only now being made aware of the tactless derision their own President holds them under. As the video shows, Paul is documented in various dated media, so we know he has not backtracked or flip-flopped or just outright LIED about his current stances (like that purple-tongued harlot spewed from Satan’s own vagina - no, not Richard Nixon - White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow), making him seem almost prescient; if nothing else at this time, a lifeboat on a sinking luxury liner.

Paul’s policies are unlike any you will ever hear from Democrats, Republicans or Independents alike: abolish the IRS? Do away with taxes? “The more government spends, the more freedom is lost”? Ron Paul actually ATTACKS where others (Reps and Dems alike) pule in politically-correct “diplomacy,” exposing lies which most people hold as self-evident truths only because the Gestapo government has fed it to them that way: “The value of our dollar and the level of our interest rates are not supposed to be manipulated by a few members of the power elite meeting secretly in a marble palace”; “Military force is justified only in self-defense. Naked aggression is the province of dictators and rogue states…” I love this guy! (And once again – these quotes are from 2002, not just flim-flammed out of thin air when public consensus started running contra to the W.)

Paul stands in strident opposition to all those backpedaling Republicans (McCain, Romney et al) who side with their President only when his approval rating is not as low as his vocabulary, or those diehard blowhards who unequivocally support Big W no matter the mountains of contrary evidence proving he is a congenital imbecile and an incompetent felon (those diehards now rightfully called “Bushies” for their resemblance to the female birth canal).

Being a politician and a surgeon, there is every chance that Ron Paul is just a better liar than his peers. (Bush ran on much the same tickets of “smaller government, no intrusive foreign policy” and look what happened.) But look at it this way: were he elected to the Presidency, like every politician, there is a fifty-fifty chance that Paul would renege on or implement his policies. If he reneges, no one is worse off, but on the chance that he follows through, wouldn’t you much rather see bold new directions rather than the same amorphous swill and slogan pizza? Meaning that if someone else were elected (Rep or Dem), even if they kept their promises, those promises are the same dull schtick the current administration is selling, except without the moron at the podium. And if they renege, Jesus Christ and his reindeer help us!

It is the same logic most of you fence-sitting christians apply to your unjustified faith in heaven. The Just In Case syndrome. If it works for an imaginary brothel in the sky, try it on Ron Paul.

I’m not asking you to side with me or Ronny. Hell, I’m not even asking you to register to vote – Lord Vader knows I’m not going to. (“Voting” is not going to save this country –“understanding” is. And by that I mean, only after “understanding” sets in will “voting” actually mean something. Blind or ignorant voting is as dangerous as intentionally-bad voting if it’s going to elect the leaders with the most advertising dollars and sexy-time hairdos.) All I ask is that after viewing the video, if you feel the same way I do (with my startling rock-hard pecs), send it out to YOUR mailing list of sensible reprehensibles. Spread the understanding.

Dr. Ron Paul at the Republican Presidential Candidate debate at the Ronald Reagan Library on 3 May 2007. This was the debate where Dr. Paul embarrassed Rudy Giuliani.The grandest irony is: Ron Paul now stands closer to the true tenets of the Republican party than all the nominal “Republicans” (who are, in reality, "corporatists") hoping he’ll be thrown from the candidate train.

I’m no Bush fan (oh, ya think?), but that doesn’t mean that if a person from Adolph Bush’s party started speaking like a sensible human I would not listen. I believe we’re ALL waiting for someone to Start Making Sense. (Well, maybe not “all” of us – the Bushies will slide sideways into their graves babbling incoherently like their jejune avatar.)

And in some twisted way, I’m kinda glad that Paul is a Republican; it will separate not only the Bushies from the Republicans who actually want progress, it will also weed out the biased Democrats who would blindly follow their party even if it degenerated to the state of the Bush office. Paul’s very presence challenges one’s free-thinking – he does not use negative reinforcement to push his policies (“You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists” – Darth Bush), but rather outlines positive solutions with some great jabs to the kidneys: “Why do we have troops in Korea for more than fifty years? Why do we occupy Europe?... We need to worry about our borders here at home, not worry about the border between Syria and Iraq; I mean, that doesn’t have anything to do with our national security… Our military is a shambles because we’ve been stretched too thin…”

Anyone who chooses not to listen to Ron Paul is not a “terrorist” (only children like Bush and Cheney would dub their opposition so summarily) but is blinding themselves to possible solutions from the terror inflicted upon them by their own current government. And if they’re blocking their ears because their party calls for them to be that blinkered, well… that tells us all we need to know about close-mindedness, doesn’t it?

Paul being a Republican is cool for another reason: not only does it illustrate that blind partisanship should go the way of the Dodo (i.e. President George Walker Bush), it means the Seeds of Dissent are being sown even within the Bush dictatorship’s sanctum sanctorum, and even whilst the dictatorship exerts such a deathgrip on its public image.

The policies and ideas and surprising intelligence that shudder off this video like a flag waving in a cool 6 a.m. breeze are challenging – but not in the way that potential leaders ask people to “tighten their belts” as a challenge, no; these thoughts challenge you to think beyond the stranglehold that the current administration has wreaked on your spirit; these ideas are as formidable as the man framing them.

I’ve never been so impressed with a “politician” (oh, I feel so dirty… and I’m liking it) since Al Gore’s INCONVENIENT TRUTH.

Is it coincidence that Ron Paul’s middle name is “Ernest”?

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – I GIVE YOU… RON PAUL - He doesn't beat around The Bush - he lays right into him:

Ron Paul: Stop Dreaming

…And the three men I admire most… Ron Paul, Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore… they caught the last train for the coast… the day… the music… died…


Ron Paul
Congressman Ron Paul: You go, girl!
Watch the YouTube Video
Ron Paul: Stop Dreaming.

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