POLITICAL COMMENTARY: The 2008 Democratic Presidential Nominee Campaign

Desperately Delusional
The Lateral Slip-n-Sliding of Senator Hillary Clinton.
by Jon Dunmore ©20 May 2008.

If you could loan yourself 11 million dollars, ya think that would make you “working class”?

Hillary Clinton does.

Barack Obama Hillary ClintonYet her first mid-2007 TV spots for the Democratic presidential nomination were delivered from sumptuous lounge suites in her pseudo-presidential home. Now, May 2008, she and Bubba are stumping from the backs of flatbed trucks not worth the price of those lounge suites. Hoping no one notices there hasn’t been dirt under her fingernails for four decades. But then, not being able to work that coffee machine kinda proves that, don’t it?...

And this entitled harridan has the audacity to call Barack Obama “elitist”! She relates to the middle class trenches SO EMPHATICALLY that in setting a Green example on how to save gas, it takes a convoy of ten SUVs to accompany her for a photo op and WASTE more gas than 20 Working Class citizens combined, only to prove how incompetently she can pump gas in that fake smile and convent pantsuit.

How long has it been since she was NEAR a gas pump or a coffee machine? – your Mexican slaves not around today, Hill? Real WORKING CLASS, honey! No wonder she didn’t realize that cutting the “gas-tax” for three months was not only a useless pretense to power, but that it was never going to happen anyway (the current felon president would never accede to it and she is in no position to push it through were anyone to believe the fakery of it). 

Obama knew this. Obama said so. Unbelievably – Obama was listened to! Maybe there is hope for America yet. For Hillary, there is no hope.

Her self-delusion has reached proportions that defy mathematics, geography, superdelegates and probably gravity. 

She actually said, “I believe I should be president because I believe I’m the best for the job,” as if this circular sophistry is a rational reasoning process for suitability and credibility - citing one’s own belief in one’s self. Does anyone really want a president so stupidly insular? America has already had one for eight years.

If you’ve SOMETIMES had to duck sniper fire, we can understand how you might occasionally forget which incident went with which continent; if you’ve NEVER ducked sniper fire – and let’s face it, Hillary Clinton has NEVER ducked sniper fire – well, how in Washington’s name do you “misspeak” that you did it once in Bosnia? Does anyone really want a bald-faced LIAR like this as a president? America has already had one for eight years.

Why is Hillary muddying a race she can’t possibly win? First it was swing states, then it was counted votes, then it was “for democracy,” then popular votes, then counting votes that had already been agreed upon as not to be counted (October 2007, Hillary clearly says “Michigan did not matter”; now, it’s ALL that matters – “for democracy” - shyeh royt!); then superdelegates, then Pennsylvania, then – fer cryin’ out loud – Puerto Rico! Hillary’s communications director, Howard Wolfson, in reporter Chris Mathews’ words, “actually sat there with a straight face and told me that Puerto Rico was going to decide the nomination!” As each metric fell by the wayside, another would rise like a political Hydra head. Hmm, who does that sound like?... first terrorists, then WMD, then nation building, then democracy, then oil... Does anyone want a president who blatantly lies to assure his credibility, then changes those lies to other lies as they are uncovered? America has already had one for eight years.

One viewing of John King and his Magic Board on CNN is all it takes to figure the math: that even if Hillary wins every state from this point with a 65% vote (which is unlikely), she would STILL come up shorter than Obama towards the delegate score of 2025 to win the Democratic nomination. But to overcome this REALITY, Hillary takes to citing a higher number that NO ONE in Howard Dean’s Democratic National Committee acknowledges as valid. Does anyone want a president who can’t do simple math? America has already had one for eight years.

Her own arguments work against her simply by being factual: “We need to have a nominee who can win in November [against John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee]” – uh, that would be the person who GETS THE MOST VOTES, yes? And uh, that would be OBAMA, no? Does anyone want a president who states facts he cannot understand even whilst stating them? America has already had one for eight years.

Hillary’s “white middle class” comment was not really racist… until soundbyte-driven public opinion started running against her – then she happily admits it WAS racist - only to be able to apologize for it to GAIN MORE VOTES in her fairytale race; what Chris Mathews calls HILLARYLAND. Does anyone want a flip-flopper president creating his own fantasy even whilst it devours him? America has already had one for eight years.

After winning West Virginia, she brags, “No democrat has won the white house since 1916 without winning West Virginia,” which means absolutely nothing; firstly, because winning one state in five to Obama means you STILL don’t have enough votes or delegates to win the nomination, let alone the white house and secondly, why should it follow that no democrat should be able to win the white house without that state IN 2008?

And the white house is definitely the goal here – let’s not kid ourselves. Bill and Hill have their butts braced to inhabit that post at the expense of their party, their country, their ethics, their shame, their fortune, their legacy. Anyone who believes Hillary is staying in the race because – as the press statements and Hill herself like to empathize – “she cares for the country,” must be as desperately blind as Billary themselves. America has already had eight years of blind, bigoted supporters of a person over the good of the country – they’re called Bushies.

Turning a win into a wound and then rubbing salt in it, one day after Hill wins West Virginia, Obama’s political maneuvering illustrates just how astute a politician he is – as he rolls out the endorsement of John Edwards and completely dominates the news cycle that otherwise would have pandered to Hillary’s self-aggrandizing and vigorous pantsuit-wearing. For those who whine that Hillary is a “better politician,” this deft knife-kill puts paid to those pansies. 

To further her downslide, Hillary has painted herself into a corner by bagging Obama and lauding McCain, with no logical exit strategy to salve the derogation when she is eventually ousted from the race. America has already had a president well-versed in having no exit strategy.

Her views have leaned more and more towards Republican bondheadedness, echoing McCain’s trash politics so vividly that Obama can lump her in with Bush-McCain effortlessly and without question on the voter’s part. To make matters not just worse, but taken to the Point Of No Return, in late May ’08, Hillary cites KARL ROVE’S endorsement as credibility for her assumption to the Oval Egg… Jonathan Alter on Countdown with Keith Olbermann commented, “It’s kinda like saying, Well, Attila the Hun likes my chances!” McCain AND/OR Hillary would spell a 3rd Bush term.

And America has already had two terms too many of W.

Even James Carville – famed Clinton stormtrooper and pug-dog imitator, who called Bill Richardson “Judas” for “betraying” the Clintons by endorsing Obama – admits that Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The only person more delusional than Hillary Clinton (besides Bubba and her naïve, ill-informed daughter) is her campaign manager, Terry McAuliffe, more of a duplicitous, deluded, bald-faced lying traitor to freedom than even Tony Snow or Dana Perino. “She’s a fighter!” Relax the grip on the cheese-wiz, Terry, she’s not “fighting” – she’s smearing, she’s lying, she’s making things up as she goes along, she’s pretending she has more votes than the person who clearly has more votes, she’s making promises she has no intention of keeping, smearing whites, smearing blacks, smearing democrats…

Hillary likes to call it fighting too, comparing herself to Rocky (yes - snigger - the Italian Stallion, not the Flying Squirrel) – just another asinine political gambit fallen by the wayside when the analogy failed to take. What the camp was trying to convey is what Hill still loves crowing from the stump – that she “came from behind” to win the meager states she has won. …Hang on! You’re HILLARY CLINTON! Your name has been prominent in politics for the last thirty years – AND - you’ve been the presumptive front-runner since the race began. How much audacity does it take to claim you “came from behind” a Hawaiian-raised, half-white, inexperienced lawyer 14 years your junior?

Stop talking bullshit, Mrs. Clinton!

America has already had a president doing that for the last eight years.


Added: 2008, May 25:
Each DAY some new stupidity rears its pantsuited head: The day after I posted this article, sillary Hillary Freudian Slips Bobby Kennedy's assassination as some kind of rationalization for her staying in the race... and Keith Olbermann pounced.

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