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Writing for your business brochure, your website, procedural documents, essays; punching up your screenplay, writing copy for your ads or promotional material; help with your slogan.

Proofreading and editing, ensuring meticulous grammar and spelling. Matter of fact, if you peruse this page and find the mistake on it, I'll give you a 10% discount on your project.

The 2008 American Presidential Campaign
Part I: The Stink of Bush
Part II: The Dick That Choked America
Part III: The Presidential Race to Ruin
Part IV: Democracy Inaction
Part V: When All News is No News
Part VI: Taking Issue with The Issues
Part VII: Song of The Prophet

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The Bouncer
The Bouncer hit me so hard that I went stumbling...
The Cell
The first time I saw The Song Remains The Same, I spent the night in jail.
The Clap
I was 23. She was 35.
The Couch
As my amber urine arced furiously onto the couch...
The Cross
...if it took stealing a headstone from a baby's grave...
The Idiot
And that's where we came in - as he was stumbling out.
The Marquee
I think it was a misdemeanor.
The Moose
Clarence Clemons does a mean Bruce impersonation.
The Neighbors
Neighbors! Can't live next door to 'em; can't kill 'em!

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Batman Versus Batman
Keaton or Bale? Blow by blow.
Black Bart, Bourbon Square-May 1995
Standing And Delivering.
Bobby Bognar, The Whiskey-May 1995
Music from the Middle of the (well-worn) Road.
Bobby Soloman Smith. Canyon Club-Oct 2007
Star Bright, Star Lite
Breasts Not Bombs
Pounds Of Mounds Make Messy Messages
Chaneys The, Luna Park-May1995
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice do not a rock band make.
David Petraeus Resigns, Nov 2012
Witchfynder General Defrocked: The Resignation of General David Petraeus and the Humiliation of the CIA.
Dio: The Elfin King
Ronnie James Dio carves pentacles into the Universal Amphitheater.
Evolution vs. Creationism
Design For Ignorance: The Stupidities of Intelligent Design.
Evolution vs. Creationism: Part Deux
Education Takes a Hit and Myth. The continuing saga of America's fall from intelligence. An updated version of "Design For Ignorance."
Famke Janssen: An Open Letter
Poffy The Cucumber expresses his true feelings for the X-goddess.
Freebird: From Anthem to Anathema
A Study in Pathos.
Garrison White, Crooked Bar-May 1995
One man. One guitar. No prisoners.

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HILLARY CLINTON: Desperately Delusional
The Lateral Slip-n-Sliding of Senator Hillary Clinton.
How To Be A Singer-Songwriter
Advice from somewhere near the Deep End...
JACK-FM: KCBS Los Angeles
JACK-ing Off LA.
Jon Lord: Eulogy, July 2012
Stormbringer Dance on the Thunder Again...
Keep The Nuts Out
"Astrology" rears its retarded head.
KISS: Carnival of Souls
Carnival of Soul-Searching.
Mel Gibson DUI: July 2006
Losing His Religion
Michael McDonald, Ventura Theater-Jun 1995
...a showcase for sheer vocal acrobatics...
Mitt Romney's Thanksgiving Present
Election 2012. Deserved Damage-Joy. Mitt Romney's Thanksgiving Present to the United States: Losing.
muzzleLoader, Roxy-Feb 2002
...the hybridized flesh-tearing thunder of muzzleLoader...
None More Pro
The Muddying of "Pro-Life" in the Abortion Debate Debacle.
Philip Lincoln Smith: Philip Lincoln Smith
Post-Beatling the Beat, and Reining in the Rock.
Poffy Gives Zero Respect, September 2006
A Small Cucumber in the Big Apple.
Rapture 2011
Doom Watch - with Poffy The Cucumber, Horsecuke of the Apocalypse.
Ron Paul: Presidential Candidate 2008
No Beating Around the Bush.
Steve Irwin: Still Invincible
The Death of Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, Sep 2006.
Stormtrooper Training Manual
Compiled by His High Lord, Darth Egregious Slapstick.
Ten Commandments of Driving - The Dunmore's Rejoinder
The impossible dream of Thou Shalt Not Fuck.
Terrorist is the new Nigger
How the rednecks stay one step ahead of us.
Todd Rundgren, House Of Blues-Jun 1995
Todd Rundgren's worlds traverse galaxies...
Virginia Tech shootings, April 2007
The Killing of American Scruples.
The Windfields, The Roxbury-Jul 1995
Southern Rock and British Roll.

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Chapter 7, Part 5.
Call me God (and I'll still respect you in the morning)

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(from my unpublished book, unbelievably all in typewritten pages...)

Part I: The Dream Begins
Part II: The Nightmare Fades
Part III: The Obama Effect
Part IV: The New Dawn
Part V: Opening Pandora's Jar

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