Good graphics, good communication, good navigation, I ensure your website is easy to use and gets your message across. From bands to businesses, from custom designs to templates. Solid web design at a reasonable price.

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Bennie G Jr Entertainer

"Server space," "domain name registration," "meta-tags," "HTML"--? It sounds like Greek and it probably is -- but I can help it make sense to you.

Whether you just need better graphics, or advice on how to transfer your website from one server to another, call to consult.

TEXT COPY: I ensure your text is proofread and edited, unlike some web designers that just copy and paste whatever the customer gives them to put up on the site.

If you are not a "writer" per se, and need help putting your ideas into words, or describing your business, I will consult with you on writing (or rewriting) your material to make it read well.

If your computer has crashed, or picked up a virus, or if you need computer repair of any kind, you are welcome to call my incredible IT Guy who has kept my computers alive and kicking for over a decade, Dan Morentin at

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