All You Need (pop)
Leyna (ballad)
Far Behind (rock)
As Much As I Need (ballad)
Power Dreams (rock) [Sheet Music] [See Video]
Welcome... (a cappella) [Sheet Music]
Rubber Ducky (radio voice)


The Demo Reel is a complete Vocalist and Frontman showcase, showing my range in voice and egomania; various live performances, studio recordings, sync and non-sync sound, stills and video.




I am available for any type of studio work, in any type of studio: have worked in all the big Los Angeles haunts (Paramount, Aire LA, Westlake, Clearlake, Capitol, etc.), down to well-outfitted private studios, or directly into a computer in someone's living room.

My vocal style is rock. And roll. Tenor range. I'm a very versatile keyboardist, but when it comes to vocals, my specialty is rock. With my wealth of experience in cover bands, I can emulate many different types of voices and styles, but I don't pretend to be anything more than rock. And roll. (Did I already say that?) Paul Rodgers, Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, Jagger, Hendrix, Clapton, aiming at David Coverdale and Steven Tyler...

I can coordinate and perform all lead and backing vocal harmonies quickly, effectively and creatively, to save you studio time. I've worked with some bands who insist that their own members do backing vocals, only to waste hours in the studio trying to figure out harmonies. I can save you that time.

I can perform voiceover with a true Australian accent, not the fake ones you hear on Fosters and Outback Steakhouse commercials.

Nancy Sinatra (as Lighting Director)
American Quarter Horse Assoc. (AQHA)
Anita Sarawak (as Lighting Director)
Aquarium of the Pacific
Celebrities Onstage (as Lighting Director)
Chris Everly
Disneyland Hotel
Dodger Stadium/Levy Restaurants
The Gas Company, LA
Gillette (as Lighting Director)
Globe Theatre, Universal City
Hilton Hotels (Singapore, Malaysia)
House Of Blues, Los Angeles
Lone Wolf Tattoo Show (Sydney)
Los Angeles Police Dept.
Marriott Hotels
Parramatta Leagues Club (Aust.)
The Queen Mary, Long Beach
QVC Arena
Royal Festival Hall (London, UK)
Selina's Entertainment Centre (Coogee, Aust.)
Sheraton Four Points Hotels
SunGard Treasury Systems
The Palace, Hollywood
Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas (as Lighting Director)
...many more...

When you hire The Dunmore for live gigs, you hire the Ego as well. Onstage, my credo is: "no apologies, no excuses and no prisoners." I give good Frontman; a fearless demeanor that leaves no dead spots, that entertains and involves the audience; that brings the energy to the crowd with a flamethrower.

As a working Band, you want a hired musician to learn all your gig material BEFORE a rehearsal, and you want that musician to walk onstage and perform your material as if they've been doing it all their lives with you. I know you do, because when *I* hire musicians, that's what I expect from them.

You should expect nothing less from me.

I am a lightning-fast learner; can learn full sets the night before a gig; and I only need minimum rehearsals, saving you time and money.

As you can see from these pages, I am also a lead keyboardist, and can perform as a vocalist/keyboardist, but I generally keep the disciplines separated--unless the money is good enough to do 'em together!

Dear Jon • manager, lead vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, web design, musical director
Deepest Purple • (Deep Purple Tribute) keyboards
F.U. • keyboards, lead and backing vocals, songwriter, manager, producer, director
Golden Years • (David Bowie Tribute) keyboards, backing vocals
Gypsy Fire • keyboards, backing vocals, co-manager, songwriter
Idiom Productions • lighting director
King Duck • lead and backing vocals, keyboards, producer
Lovehunter • (Whitesnake Tribute) keyboards
Mauro & Eye • keyboards, backing vocals
The Mint • keyboards
Nancy Sinatra • lighting director
Planet 80s • keyboards, backing vocals
Purple • (Deep Purple Tribute) keyboards, backing vocals, musical director
St. Friday • keyboards
Sugar & Spice • keyboards
Who's Best • (The Who Tribute) keyboards, backing vocals, manager
The Willies • co-manager, keyboards
Also, I've done hundreds of walk-on gigs for artists/bands in Southern CA and in Sydney Australia: walk-ons involve single performances, or a few gigs, or a few hours in the studio, with minimal or no rehearsal.

SONG CREDITS Jon Dunmore Excelsior! 818-906-8633

I am based in Southern California (Van Nuys, Los Angeles), and available to travel anywhere in the country, or overseas.

If you need a reliable road animal, who will not enter into political intrigue with other band members or crew (no backstabbings, gossip or rumors), call on The Dunmore. My experience as a Band Manager means I know the importance of only communicating with the band leader or management.