Fur Elise - Piano
The Answer - Piano
Target Practice - Organ
True Love - Piano
All You Need - Synth acoustic guitar
Leyna - Piano, Synth Strings
Hush - Organ
Sadness - Piano, Synth
Backwood - Organ
Like A Woman - Synth Horns, Strings & Cello
Rubber Ducky - all Synths (except voice & bass)
The Prince - Clav, Synth Flutes

Tablature/notation, written by Dunmore.

© All compositions copyrighted to Jon Dunmore

AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) Certificates in Performance, and Music Theory.

I started teaching piano in 1983, at age 18, after ten years of classical training. My students have ranged in age from 6 to 81 years old.

As Session Musician, toured Australian East Coast, New Zealand and United States with rock acts.

With extensive experience in the music industry as performer, producer, composer, manager, tutor and stage lighting director, yet being classically trained, I not only bring all the requisite technical knowledge to my teaching, but encourage a dynamic, all-systems-go approach to the performance.

Piano Teacher, Music Teacher

(update: December 2013)

Professionalism. Patience. Progress.
From beginners to advanced levels. We decide what YOU want to achieve and I help you get there.

Young children
follow a basic curriculum: we work on notes, timing, hand position, playing simple pieces from a starter book, and making sense of those crazy splotches called music.

Older children alternate between a course book and playing favorite pieces - it reminds them of their ultimate goal: enjoyment (and maybe parlaying that enjoyment into a career). By playing something they know and like, they grasp what seemed impossible!

Young adults, mature students learn the rudiments, chord progressions, rhythm, technique exercises, and playing by ear. You apply all this to pieces YOU want to play. It won't be easy when you first try to figure out your favorite song, but it's more fun than you can possibly imagine when you do!

While thinking mechanically and behaving artistically, everyone learns something accidentally!

(These are companies I have worked for in the capacity of musician, they are not "piano tutor" clients--my piano students are all private learners like yourself.)

Nancy Sinatra
American Quarter Horse Assoc. (AQHA)
Anita Sarawak
Aquarium of the Pacific
Celebrities Onstage
Chris Everly
Disneyland Hotel
Dodger Stadium/Levy Restaurants
The Gas Company, LA
Globe Theatre, Universal City
Hilton Hotels (Singapore, Malaysia)
House Of Blues, Los Angeles
Lone Wolf Tattoo Show (Sydney)
Los Angeles Police Dept.
Marriott Hotels
Parramatta Leagues Club (Aust.)
The Queen Mary, Long Beach
QVC Arena
Royal Festival Hall (London, UK)
Selina's Entertainment Centre (Coogee, Aust.)
Sheraton Four Points Hotels
SunGard Treasury Systems
The Palace, Hollywood
Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas
...many more...

(Dec 2013)
$35 half hour
$60 hour
If you have two, three or more children/students all taking my lessons, I can definitely apply discounts.


Your very first lesson is a cash payment. No obligations. After that lesson, if you would like to continue, we schedule lessons for a month and payment is made in advance for that month. Cash, check or credit card.
Note: If you visit the West Valley location, different payment methods apply.


I am at two locations during the week:
1) Encino home studio location. Every day.
2) WEST VALLEY MUSIC studio, West Hills (Valley Circle & Vanowen) Wednesday only.

Preferably, you have a well-tuned piano at home (grand, upright or spinet), but if you don't, then a good digital piano will suffice - it must have full-sized keys and touch-sensitivity. Modern digital piano technology is so good that I have no problems in recommending them (as opposed to 30 years ago, when everything electronic was plastic crap!).

If you need an instrument and are unsure of what to purchase, let me know. I can review online ads that you are considering, and if you'd like, I could even attend a piano showroom or music store with you (for the price of one lesson) to try out pianos/keyboards and recommend one within your budget.

If you want to play organ, or want to know your way around your new synthesizer/keyboard, figuring out the sounds and how to find them, combine them or layer them, etc. call me to discuss. I can help you in myriad ways with my experience in the live rock scene.

If I travel to your location: add $5. I can travel about 3 miles from each of the above locations.
See the Travel Map for Encino.


Jeff Gold
, Owner, WEST VALLEY MUSIC CENTER, West Hills CA (Woodwind Tutor, Guitarist, Conductor)

Daren Burns (Bassist, Tutor, Composer), Arizona.

John DePatie (Guitarist, Nancy Sinatra),
Hollywood CA.

Damon Pipitone (Producer, Composer, Drummer, Vocalist)
Pasadena CA

Philip Lincoln Smith (Drummer, Composer, Vocalist),
Glendale CA.
818-242-5864 Jon Dunmore Excelsior! 818-906-8633