Fearless Live Photography
Creative, Resourceful Studio Shoots.

My main clients are bands, due to me being in and around them for nearly three decades. Being in the music industry, my secondary clients are models. The Demo Reel reflects these two demographics.

I am also available for any photographic project; shooting a restaurant interior or a special event; any promotional shots for your property, sale items, brochures, etc.


Bands: you want a live photographer who will not only provide great onstage pictures of your band, but who will also capture the audience in relation to the band (i.e. you want shots showing the crowd size, or conversely, angles that make a small crowd look bigger; you also want a photographer who is not afraid to crawl around onstage to get the best shot, without getting in the way of your performance.
You want "rock star" shots (low angles), you want close-up passionate shots (you singing your heart out), you want shots with the lighting behind your head, framing you like a god...

A starting price is $100; there are so many variables to each gig and what each artist is looking for from the photography session, that it is best to consider $100 a starting rate until we discuss the session.
Call for details.

At your live gig, you might consider combining photos with video. I can provide that. More details here.

Bands, Models, Headshots...

Bands, Models, Headshots...
I provide a comfortable photography environment, either at my home studio, or at a location of your choosing, depending on your budget. I work with you to bring out your best!

Think of the starting rate as $100 for a basic one- hour session. A few variables will have to be discussed, so call for details.

I can provide Photoshop services to make your pictures "pop"! Set aside some time to treat a few of your best pictures (we can composite pics, add titles, remove blemishes, move band members around, etc.).

Even if you did not shoot your pictures with me, I can improve them with Photoshop.

If you require dynamic treatment of pictures for your website or logos, now we're getting into GRAPHIC DESIGN territory. Consult with me on the direction you want to take, and we'll make it happen.


For models, escorts, dancers, private providers, or people who require "hook-up" pics a little more risque than your average facebook pic.

After the photography--comes the press kit.

For more info, see the GRAPHIC DESIGN page.

Continue your forward momentum of taking pics by using them for your press kit.

Whether you've taken the pics with, or you already have pictures, consult with me on what you'd like to do--postcards, one-sheets, EPK, flyers, press releases, etc.--and I'll get it done!
More details at the GRAPHIC DESIGN page.

"These are the best pictures the band has ever had! All the angles and the compositions are great--it's all there!"
Daren Burns, muzzleLoader

"This is exactly what I was looking for--someone with an artistic eye to bring a fresh twist into the mix!"
Ralph Oyaga, LXIX

"Your studio shots and the varying creative styles that you utilize are among the best I've seen. Your concert photographs are awesome! Rarely does one find a photographer who's equally gifted in both areas because they require two very different sets of sensibilities."
Mike Fass, Studio Drummer Jon Dunmore Excelsior! 818-906-8633