Drawings, drawings, drawings.

Cartoon characters for mascots, logos, brochures, businesses; caricatures; line drawings or full color.
I can provide basic short animated cartoons, with variable methods of animation (see promo shorts) or combinations of animation and live pics, inserting audio, songs, or foley.

NOTE: I do not deal in computer graphics, or 3D characters (like Shrek or Nemo). As you will see from the "promotional cartoons" my process is old school "frames" and transitions resourcefully creating movement.

Also: see my GRAPHIC DESIGN page.

"Alexandra Rhapsody" by Joe Treewater

Animations by Dunmore

"This Robot Walks Into A Bar" by Lou Woolf

Director/Animations: Dunmore

A quick job of creating one character/logo could be as low as $100; consider that a base rate, then the variables kick in: permutations on the design, changes made by you, maybe a cast of characters for a cartoon show or comic series, etc. I work with your ideas to bring them to life.

Your design/character does not exist in a vacuum--you may want to use that design in a business card or flyer, in your website design or some other media. That's where cost can be bundled and discounted if you hire my company to take your design further. Jon Dunmore Excelsior! 818-906-8633